ADVERTS reports now available for download

The ADVERTS project aims to provide recommendations for road authorities on how to minimise negative safety effects of roadside billboards. Three background reports and an executive summary are available for you to download. The recommendations will be finalized and uploaded in spring 2019.

The ADVERTS' recommendations will be designed to be usable and applicable in different countries and will include consideration of the barriers to implementation that are likely to be encountered. Most importantly, the recommendations will be based on evidence and will therefore provide a valuable tool to address the growing problem of distraction on our roads.

ADVERTS: Literature Review

The ADVERTS' Literature Review gives you an extensive overview of what scientific research teaches us about the effects of roadside advertising on road safety: does it lead to more accidents? Which billboards are most distracting? Which features are most relevant? 

Download the Literature Review.

ADVERTS: Current Practices and Future Trends

The report on Current Practices and Future Trends of ADVERTS describes the current practices in European countries regarding regulations or recommendations and guidelines. It shows that countries vary a lot in the level of detail of their regulations and recommendations. It also shows that there is more regulation for the placement of billboards than for their design and content. 

Download the report on Current Practices and Future Trends of ADVERTS.

ADVERTS: Research gaps and research strategies

Report on research gaps and research strategies available. This report gives an overview of knowledge gaps related to safety effects of roadside advertising. It also provides – without being exhaustive - suggestions for research methods that can help to fill the identified knowledge gaps.

Download the report on research gaps and research strategies

ADVERTS: Executive summary

The executive summary briefly describes the main findings from the three ADVERTS reviews by giving an answer to nine questions. Examples of these questions are the following: “Do roadside billboards lead to more accidents?”, “Do billboards affect driving behaviour?” and “How do road authorities currently deal with roadside advertising?”.

Download the executive summary