As roadside billboards evolve to capture drivers' attention more than ever before, the question raises whether outdoor billboard advertising at or near roadsides leads to distraction.

ADVERTS or "Assessing Distraction of Vehicle drivers in Europe from Roadside Technology-based Signage" was a project commissioned by CEDR, the European platform for cooperation between national road authorities. A consortium of three research institutes (SWOV, TRL and Vias institute) carried out the ADVERTS project.

The main outcome of this project is a set of 10 recommendations for minimising distraction from roadside advertising. These recommendations are available as

  • A full report which includes the scientific justification of the recommendations
  • A visualised summary of the 10 recommendations for minimising distraction
  • A recorded webinar of the project and its main results (duration 15 minutes)

This output as well as the results of a literature review, an inventory of current practices in CEDR countries and other documents are available here.

The ADVERTS project has received funding under the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme - Call Safety 2016 from the following European countries:  Belgium-Flanders, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom.